In the creation of all life is a spark. Whether that spark is created from energy colliding with matter or an intelligent entity sending forth a thought, the beginning is created. It is a never-ending argument between science and religion – evolution vs. creationism. A nonsense war, really, for both are right in the core essence governing the Tree of Knowledge, and both are overlooking the one thing that ties them together; a third, bonding, and leading force that governs them both.

Before there was religion, before there was science, there was consciousness, thought, and a unity that saw no differentiation between belief and law. In order to try and explain why the sun came up in one location and set in another, stories began being told. Some deeper thinkers emerged on the scene and began further exploring those fables by using the same questions imposed upon the bards. For centuries it became a unification in such a way that the fables were recited so the masses could understand, while at the same time arose alchemists who were seeing the universe in more systematic, or scientific, way.

The greed for power overtook humanity and the one with power bestowed man-made laws that governed what the people were to believe, and thus the war began. Not a war between scientific intellectuals and religious idiocy, for both factions harbor intellectuals as well as idiots, and both left behind the one thing that bound them in the beginning.

Through the ages these wars saw the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, and the Age of Enlightenment, until they reached this point in time, where now neither side even resembles a unifying factor. Instead, both sides prefer to be just as stubborn and closed-minded as they say other side they abhor is being. It is now a war between Atheists and Theists, Science and Religion. No longer does consilience exist, that linking together the principles from different disciplines that form a comprehensive theory.

Both sides have done away with completely, or even broadly, exhibiting a mental grasp of the unity of knowledge. To be an atheist or a theist is the same – both hold out a belief – God exists vs. God does not exist. Neither side can either prove nor disprove God’s existence. Science works on the premise that it must either prove it or falsify it, and when it comes to God, it can do neither. Science did not require the atom to be seen in order to believe in its existence before it perpetrated testing in order to find it. Religion does not require God to exist in order to believe that it does.

In the end, the ‘God-war’ has been the dividing factor between believers and non-believers, science and religion, atheists and theists. Once religion was the almighty power amongst the people, to the detriment of free-thinking and creativity. Today, science is the emerging tyrant, in that many push science and mathematics upon our children, shoving aside the necessity for reading and writing, again, doing away with free-thinking and creativity.

Free-thinking and creativity is what created both science and religion. It came first. One cannot expect to find the answers outside before the questions have been asked inside. Neither science nor religion will be able to answer all the questions man poses within, nor will either be able to prove or disprove all that occurs, no matter how much the believers wish their chosen system to be capable of doing so.

Consilience – the bridging of the minds through gained knowledge from every mind, both scientific and religious. Science and Religion, you cannot have one without the other, for both are reliant on the first creation – thought. Without mind, the body and the spirit both cease to exist. Without body, mind does not exist and the existence of spirit is not known. Without spirit, both the mind and the body fail to function for the betterment of mind and remain empty.


A rare experience of a moment at daybreak, when something in nature seems to reveal all consciousness, cannot be explained at noon. Yet it is part of the day’s unity.” ~Charles Ives

And suddenly, like light in darkness, the real truth broke in upon me; the simple fact of Man, which I had forgotten, which had lain deep buried and out of sight; the idea of community, of unity.” ~Ernst Toller

While the greatest majority of things referenced can be looked up with minimum effort, this is not a means to persuade nor condemn; the views expressed here are solely my own. I’ve grown weary of the stubbornness, the closed-minded behaviours, and the assumptions imposed upon myself and others like me, by those that refuse to acknowledge the most basic of truths – we are all human, prone to err, and there is no one, bar none, that has all the answers, right or wrong.

I am neither scientific, nor religious, I am a human that operates as a realist that bridges personal experiences by asking, inwardly, questions first, then seeking understanding outside, via either validation or debunking, second. If there is no answer, for some things cannot be explained, then it simply is what it is, no matter what others ‘believe’. That is my consilience.


Kyouri is an ardent seeker of knowledge and truth which is the reason behind Toukaisha. She expresses her creative nature through writing and graphic design, also offering these services as a Freelance Virtual Assistant in her working life.