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Affiliate Disclosure:

As a reader, not just a blogger, I find that I am not too fond of automated pop-ups and numerous ads placed on a page I am trying to read. I realize the author of said page needs to make money, but certain types of ads, and generally all automated pop-ups, are too distracting, in my opinion. I, too, need to make an income, but in lieu of numerous ad placements I will occasionally embed a link to an affiliate site or product that pays me a percentage of whatever my readers purchase from that affiliate’s site. Also, the shop is currently set up using the Amazon Affiliate Program, so every purchase made from the shop, even though made directly from this site, is associated with my affiliate account with Amazon.

Making a purchase via the affiliate links or in the shop is definitely not a requirement of readers. Yes, those purchases do help me pay the bills, but at the time of the posting of the links/products, they are/were in my opinion, the best option for my readers that I had found. Therefore, not all links on this site are affiliate related. Again, in accordance to the FTC dotcom Disclosures, if a page or post contains an affiliate link, it will state so in the beginning.

Medical Disclosure: ^

At no point on this site do I offer medical advice. All information listed regarding herbal/home remedies are to be taken with precaution and at the reader’s discretion. The herbal information posted here is for information purposes only and does not replace the advice of a trained (and most times well paid) medical professional.