Mis-perception – a human-prone fallacy that most do not wish to admit. For one to admit that their perception was incorrect would mean one admitting that there is a fault that lies within their own sense-ability to become aware of a situation or another human’s thought, idea, or persona. In a general sense, it could be attributed to one relying on assumptions instead of putting forth an effort to acknowledge the other person for who and what they truly are or what they are saying.

Through many, and years worth, of experiences, it has become clear that most mis-perceptions are derived from another person’s inability to comprehend what is being put forth in front of them. The inability to comprehend usually stems from either not fully listening or reading what another person has said, or culminates from a static mindset that cannot negate its own perceptions in order to see another’s thought patterns in a different way. With the latter is a tendency to only see what one wishes to see within a situation and if a single statement or action is made that contradicts the mis-perceiver, that single act or statement is taken out of context in an ‘ah-ha’ moment in order to further prove the mis-perceiver’s already mis-perceived notion of who the other person is and what they are truly all about.

Mis-perceptions go both ways, though. Quite often a person does not fully explain themselves, believing that what they say is easily discernible by another who puts forth an effort to understand. In this situation, it puts the receiver of the less-than-forthcoming information in a position to misunderstand and thus, that person is perceived as being illogical, unlearned, or simply not at a level of comprehension that the one disseminating the information believes they should be, even when/if the receiver requests further explanation.

There are those that do not comprehend certain matters in life no matter how many times or how many different ways it is spelled out to them. In a sense, this is true of everyone. If it doesn’t fit into our already conceived perceptions, then it quite often doesn’t make sense and we walk away shaking our heads wondering what it will take to make another understand. That too, is a mis-perception.

Everyone walks through this life with their own pre-conceived ideas, thoughts, ethics, etc. No matter how hard some try to be open-minded, even when pushed up against others that are not, there is no one way, and in some cases no way at all, to make someone see our point of view or understand our own set of perceptions. The best anyone of us can do is to acknowledge that everyone has the right to be who they are, just as we have the right to either carry on a conversation with them or walk away, so long as we are also acknowledging that we too, have the right to be who we are.

In a worse case scenario we run up against people that refuse to be open-minded enough to see outside their own perceptions, and in turn they decide for themselves that our perceptions are either ignorant, ill-conceived, juvenile, or whatever. So be it. There is nothing anyone can do to change another person’s mind. All we can do is place our own perceptions on the table and leave it there for others to either partake in it at their will, or ignore, either way, it is their choice to make. Likewise, it is our choice to be either open-minded and give every thought, idea, person, a chance to present their perceptions that we can either partake in or ignore, or be as close-minded as we may perceive others to be.

It all comes down to us walking our talk. If others wish to continue viewing us as being something that we know we are not, that we have fully expressed we are not, then we should allow them their mis-perceptions of us. By trying to make someone see things our way, we are missing the point that our paths are our own, and to stop in order to overcome someone else’s misperception, means deviating from our own trip on life’s short road.

above image:
Birth of the New Man
Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali
(11 May 1904 – 23 Jan 1989)

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